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Saturday, Dec 27, 2003 - 10:48 PM -

Eh. Um. Well... I have a funny relationship with books and movies. I've been burned so many times. The problem is I have a very active imagination and if you give me a fragment I will build an entire set of stories out from it in all directions and often several genres in about three breaths. I can't help it. It's just something my brain does. Very similar to dropping a crystal in a supersaturated solution.

I won't say it was a bad book. Just for me it suddenly shifted gears and became a very different read that I breezed through, and in the end left me with nothing but an uncompleted story that it began in the first fifty pages. For me. I don't think a lot of other people have that problem. It's probably a good read. Just for me it went from what I thought would become a companion of bookshelf and memory to just another colourful bookjacket receeding quickly and carrying as little meaning as a discarded wrapper on the grass. Darn.

Friday, Dec 26, 2003 - 6:06 PM -

It's a good sign of a holiday that I found my watch stopped back on the 24th.

I'm reading Yann Martel's the Life of Pi. I don't know much about it, which is how I prefer a good read. I know it has been successful with the Booker Prize, and Martel was very interesting when I caught a fragment of an interview last year.

I'm only 50 or so pages in. It will clearly be a book I take my time with, spread over months of evenings. It is thick like proper cake. He also writes like a finely crafted house. That's nice to see, but sometimes it seems a little much. Perhaps because it makes one aware of the author of the work. He sits there with you and the work. This is not bad. In houses and writing it can be most enjoyable, but you do not get a seamless dream that I also enjoy so much, and wonder at when I find it.

Saturday, Dec 20, 2003 - 3:04 PM -

Is there a better magazine than Giant Robot? Check your local for a copy. The web site really doesn't get across how good it is. I can't sum it up either. They should try an amazon-style 'look inside' so the GR-curious can find confirmation. Dang it's good.

Wednesday, Dec 17, 2003 - 11:53 PM -

hot holy monkey on a stick.

Tuesday, Dec 16, 2003 - 11:24 PM -

Don't skip intro.

This is the point. Make a movie good and stop calling it an intro and call it a 'film' or a 'slideshow' or some new word that makes the idea work. Give us something entirely worthwhile to click and sit back and inhale.

Flash doesn't suck. How we use Flash sucks. Skip Intro should be the cry of Flash artists and content providers to get us over that hare-brain misuse of potential.

Friday, Dec 5, 2003 - 7:46 PM -

(Large image warning.) Yay! Industrial design! This is pretty, and what the heck is this? There's a pictogram for RTFM? Cool.

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