Mystery Phone

If only my celphone had such style! Look how the cradle flares away at the back. My god I'm tired of the 90's blob look.

No manufacturer's markings except on the cradle buttons. Both of these have a logo involving HEE, MAF, and what appears to be an H in a circle, all arranged tightly on a shield. The white PTT is pretty generic for Power, Telephone, and Transit. This is a button, which along with the cello window for the number 051 makes me think it's a hotel or office phone; the button would get you the front desk or switchboard.

The speaker is PHILIPS-88931-350-4-60-PTT, with a simple version of the shield molded inside the handset here. The mic has the logo Ericsson RUEN stamped on it and is labled 15074-100(ohm symbol)-PTT-4-63.

The internal construction is wonderful. Simply made to last forever.

The finish is clouded and doesn't clean up with gentle soap. I don't want to try anything stronger until I find out what the body is made of.

The cord ends in the old 4 pin pink brick. I'm guessing this is a European phone. Belgian, Dutch, Scandinavian? I'm curious what's involved in plugging it in over here, but there's no hurry as between celphone and cable modem I no longer use a phone line.


Solved! It's a Dutch HEEMAF type 1955 by designer Gerard Kiljan.